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Progressive Slots - Major Millions

The biggest progressive jackpot on the internet is definitely the Major Millions Slotmachine. It starts at $250,000. The game is a 3 reel 3 payline slotmachine. The Major Millions symbol is wild. A single Major Millions symbol doubles the payout of any combination it completes, and two Major Millions symbols multiplies the value by FOUR. Three Major Millions symbols on the third payline wins the Progressive Jackpot IF you have bet three coins. So be careful to bet 3 coins or you might miss out on that huge jackpot.


Star Casino

Progressive Video Poker - SupaJax

The game SupaJax is a video poker with a Progressive Jackpot, that is a constantly accumulating pot of money. The SupaJax card completes the winning hand needed to win the Progressive. The SupaJax card is not a wild card therefore will not complete a winning hand other than the combination to win the Progressive.

If you have bet five coins and your hand contains four Jacks and the SupaJax card then you will win the PROGRESSIVE!!!!!



Progressive Cyberstud Poker

Progressive Cyberstud Poker, based on the popular Cyberstud Poker, Progressive Cyberstud Poker is a progressive poker table game. With amazing side bet options, Progressive Cyberstud Poker features a jackpot payout for a Flush or better, and the massive Progressive Jackpot payout for a Royal Flush.


Vegas Plus

Progressive Triple Sevens BlackJack

Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack uses the rules of standard Blackjack, Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack is a progressive Blackjack table game, featuring similar side bet options to Progressive Cyberstud Poker. This exciting new game pays jackpots for any hand with consecutive sevens, and will pay the massive Progressive Jackpot to the player with three consecutive Diamond Sevens.



Progressive Roulette Royale

Progressive roulette table game. The game automatically plays a $1 side bet for you which pays $15 for any 2 of the same numbers consecutively spun, $200 for any 3 consecutive, and $3000 for a run of 4 consecutive numbers.

To win the progressive jackpot, which appears to start at around $60,000, you will need to get 5 of the same number spun one after the other.